• What ports and protocols do we need to open for rumii?

    • Please refer to this link for a list of ports and protocols

    • Additionally we need ports 80 and 443 to be open for TCP and UDP inbound and outbound for streaming desktop and live webcam

  • What VR headsets does rumii work on?

    • Oculus Rift

    • Oculus Rift S

    • Oculus Quest (APK distribution)

    • Oculus Go

    • HTC Vive

    • HTC Vive Pro

    • Windows Mixed Reality Headsets (HP, Acer, Samsung, etc…)

  • I am having issues hearing other people in rumii

    • Make sure your OS has the correct sound output device. If you changed it on the OS level, rumii must be restarted for the effect to take place

  • Other people are having issues hearing me in rumii

    • You can check the audio input settings inside of rumii. When you enter a room, bring up the rumii menu and select “Settings -> Open audio settings” and selecting the correct input device

  • What other platforms does rumii work on?

    • Windows Desktop

    • Mac Desktop

    • Mobile Android

    • iOS devices (public access coming soon)

  • Will my account from 1.X version of rumii work with 2.0?

    • You will have to create a new account inside of the rumii application. Accounts from version 1.X will not carry over, so using the same email or username will be okay.

  • What is the maximum number of users in a room?

    • We support up to 40 concurrent users in a room. However this may be lower due to room restrictions, device and network capabilities

    • Public rooms support up to 10 maximum concurrent users

    • Team and Personal rooms support up to 5 users

    • Reach out to contact@dogheadsimulations.com if you need more concurrent users per team room

  • How can I use my desktop applications in rumii?

    • Desktop Sharing supports 30 FPS, low-latency, and high quality streaming of any Windows PC application to any participant in rumii.

    • All supported devices can view a shared desktop. Only Windows PC can share their desktop

  • What 3D models can rumii load?

    • The popular modeling file formarts are supported like GLTF, OBJ, FBX, etc…

  • What if we want to use rumii for a conference, or big event

  • How do I get rumii?

    • It is available through Steam, Direct Download, Google Play Store, Apple Store (coming soon), and Oculus Store (coming soon)

    • PC | Steam | Oculus Go | Android | Mac

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