3 VR Events You Need To Know In October

October may be a month away but for us, it seems just around the corner. We have a jammed packed schedule of events across the U.S. 

Seattle Startup Week

When: October 2-6, 2017

Where: Seattle, WA

We are more than excited to be invited to speak and demo at Seattle Startup Week this year. Our CEO, Mat Chacon, and COO, Lily Snyder, are both speaking on panels. During the demo night, the team is giving interactive demos of rumii.

Add our sessions to your schedule:

Distinctive & Memorable: Communicating Your Vision Through VR/AR

The Blended Workforce and How to Embrace it

Building Inclusive Technology

Oculus Connect

When: October 11-12, 2017

Where: San Jose, CA

Are you going to be at Oculus Connect in October? Make sure to say "hi" to our CTO, Elbert Perez. He'll be walking around the floor checking out the latest in virtual reality.

MIA Animation

When: October 13-14, 2017

Where: Miami, FL

Always wanted to check out Doghead Simulations but never had the chance? Now you can! Stop by our booth in the exhibition hall at the MIA Animation conference. There you'll get to meet members of our team including our CTO, Elbert Perez, and CCO, Chance Glasco. You'll also have a chance to listen to speakers, attend workshops, and see the latest in creative technologies. 

Make sure to check out Elbert Perez speak on Friday the 13th at 12:30 PM. 

AltspaceVR will not be the end of VR companies

We are truly saddened to hear that AltSpaceVR is closing their doors on August 3rd. For many of us in the VR space, they paved the road to virtual reality being mainstream.

AltspaceVR had an impressive user base with an average 35,000 users a month. Their average user spent 35 minutes a day in VR. Those are impressive statistics! Altspace hosted concerts and interviews with people such as Bill Nye. Their events drew crowds of 1,000 people.

AltspaceVR closing their doors is also a lesson for the rest of us. As Robert Scoble, an authoritative blogger in the tech world, said, “our industry needs to look at itself deeply.” Scobleclaimed that out of 1,000 entrepreneurs he spoke to, only three had a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Schoble claims that everyone should move to Apple’s AR technology. However, what we’ve seen is that VR works very well for specific use cases, which we have identified. Just because VR had a slow start to 2017 and we’re seeing AltspaceVR close its doors does not mean this tech is dead in the water. In fact, it’s far from it.

VR investment had a record year in 2016 of $2.3 billion. The hype from 2016 cooled off investment in VR/AR in the beginning of 2017. However, we’re already starting to see a rise in VR/AR investment in Q2 of this year, “AR/VR Dealmakers invested over $800 million dollars in Q2 2017” which is especially impressive because those numbers are without Magic Leap in the picture. These are the stats and figures that we should be looking at when analyzing the VR industry.

It hurts our heart to see a VR company fail, but their failure allows us to learn from their experiences. We are going strong at Doghead Simulations with 300 global users participating in our Early Access Program. We continue to speak and demo at events around the world as we move to our launch date. Our product, rumii, is a solution to a problem all companies face: poor telecommunication experiences.

Interested to see what we are all about? Check out our monthly meetups or experience rumii first hand at OrlandoiX and Seattle Startup Week.

Even better, join our FREE Early Access Program to use rumii first hand.

People gather in rumii to discuss VR applications for their businesses.

People gather in rumii to discuss VR applications for their businesses.

VR Makes the World a Better Place - So We're Giving It Away for Free

Who gives their product away for free? The whole point of building something is to make money, right?

That’s not the point for us at Doghead Simulations. For us, the point of our product is to make the world a better place. We’re doing that through a technology called virtual reality. We discovered that the real power of VR is its ability to bring the real-life human to human experience to a digital medium.

For the first time in history, humans can connect and interact from across the world as if they were in the same room (or coffee shop or on top of the Eiffel Tower).

How does this help make the world a better place? It starts with work. In order for people to enjoy the things that truly fulfill them, they have to finish work first. Using our product, rumii, at work or for class, makes the work/life balance real. Instead of spending the week flying across the country and staying at a hotel, business people can now meet with each other from the comfort of their own home or office. They have the same experience as they would in real life, but through their virtual avatars.

Meeting in VR saves time and travel costs so teams can focus on what's important.

Meeting in VR saves time and travel costs so teams can focus on what's important.

Last Tuesday we announced on Twitter that we were holding a meetup in rumii with our CEO, Mat Chacon. The Eventbrite sold out in 3 minutes.

We’re giving our VR software, rumii, away for free because we want teams to see first hand how we’re transforming the business meeting. We’re bringing online meetings into the 21st century with virtual reality so that team members can spend time where it counts; with family, friends, or hobbies.

We believe in VR transforming the conference call experience. We want you to see for yourself how to have meaningful interactions with co-workers and clients from wherever you are in the world.

Sign up for our Early Access Program to try rumii for free.

Keep a lookout on our events page for monthly meetups in rumii with the Doghead Team.