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Starting 2017 with Virtual Reality and Launch Parties

Last week was our real kick off week for 2017. Not that we didn’t start working until the 16th but our COO, Lily Snyder came into town for some good, old-fashioned in person work. 2017 is going to be a great year for Doghead because our team is more dedicated than ever, we’re hustlin’ hard, and have some pretty cool features to show off in our Early Access of rumii.

Last Thursday night we went to the Fresh Toast launch party at Coterie Worklounge in Seattle. The event was celebrating Fresh Toast’s success being funded and going live. We were asked to provide entertainment for the event in form of virtual reality. Our friends at Cowboy Arms Collective gave us some game demos for people to play.

While we love showing our VR software, rumii, it was a nice change of pace to show people VR games. For many of the party goers, this was their first experience with virtual reality. It was a kind of special honor that we were able to experience it with them. We had people (who hadn’t played a video game since Mario Kart) tell us how addictive the game felt. Some people exclaimed that they “totally checked out on a different reality” and that was only after a few minutes in VR!

We couldn’t help but think what this feeling will bring to business meetings. Will people actually want to schedule meetings instead of doing anything possible to avoid them? Will they feel the same emotions with smiles on their faces as they interact with their colleagues in VR? We couldn’t help but think they will.

The perception for a meeting currently, is sitting on a phone call, while a person on the other end shares their screen. You may come off of mute a time or two. You may take some notes. But at the end, many feel that their time was wasted. That what was talked about in the meeting could have been sent in an email. For remote workers, VR will change the perception of what a “meeting” means. Meetings will become spaces of time filled with energy, action, and engagement. Just like the power of standing for a Daily Meeting, VR will encourage its participants to stand, forcing involvement without negative connotation. We look forward to the day when VR is mainstream among businesses so that we can all have fun, engaging conversations about our projects, assignments, and goals.

Do you agree? Make sure to check out our Early Access Program to see the future of remote team meetings. 

*rumii runs on Windows, Mac, and VR 

How to Travel for fun, not work: Advice for Working Remotely

If you were to read 1920’s telephone advertisements, it would sound very familiar to what we’re hearing about virtual reality now. “Aladdin’s lamp transported its owner from place to place in the twinkling of an eye. That was thousands of years ago - and the lamp was only a myth. But so wonderful that the story has endured to this day.”

Despite being marketed just as a business tool at its inception in 1876, the telephone reached mainstream consumers within just a few decades. In the 1920’s, the telephone took a sudden change of direction - it was sold as a device made to connect people. Thoughts and vocal characteristics of humans were literally transported via electrical current. We wouldn’t see another revolutionary step forward in communications until the invention of the internet.

Fast-forward to the 2010’s, where we’ve finally seen the first generation of practical and affordable virtual reality technology. Through it we’re able to digitally transport people to any environment we can build and render in real-time. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have a decent internet connection. The ability to interact remotely within the digital presence of others is a now a reality.

One of the great benefits of developing software for productivity, has been the ability to constantly be using that software while developing it. At Doghead Simulations, we meet inside of our VR collaboration software, rumii, on almost a daily basis. Any bugs or shortfalls of our own software immediately become obvious, because after all, we are using rumii to develop rumii. As the saying goes, “We’re eating our own dog food.”

Working remotely has immediate benefits of eliminating a lot of the exhausting travel that can take a toll on your physical and mental health. By replacing cross-country and international business meetings with virtual meetings, companies also going to save a lot of business expenses. Because of this, most will likely think about all of the travel they can eliminate when they’re able to effectively work remotely. While this might be true, there’s actually a lot of freedom to travel and living abroad when you’re able to eliminate travel for work. After you’ve freed yourself from the need to work in one particular location, start considering where in the world you’d want to work. As long as you can find a decent internet connection, the world is yours.