The Doghead Store is Now Live

We have exciting news! The Doghead Store is now live! The store sells super soft, super cool T-shirts with our Doghead logo displayed on them. Go out into the world with your new, favorite shirt. The shirts are available for $20 plus shipping.


The Story of How It Was Made

We originally made the shirts for our team members so they would stand out at conferences and meetups. They were such a hit that soon everyone was asking us if they could have a shirt too. That’s when we decided to make them available for everyone to share the Doghead pride.

Why the Shirt?

Wearing the Doghead Simulations shirt helps us in spreading awareness for our company and our product, rumii. We are fairly young tech startup making our way to the top. When our fans, like yourself, wear our shirts it gives us a sense of pride. It makes us feel like all the late nights, hard work, and endless pitches are paying off.

Plus, there is nothing cooler than walking down the street and seeing a fellow Doghead.

Shirt Features

We wanted to make sure that our shirts not only look cool, but feel good too. We had them made with the softest material. The shirts are 52% cotton and 48% polyester.

The Perfect Scenarios To Wear the Shirt

There is no perfect place to wear a Doghead T-Shirt. Wear T-Shirts to our meetups where you will feel like part of the team. Wear a Doghead T-Shirt to a conference or at the office. Everyone will ask, “is that a dog with a virtual reality headset?” You can proudly tell them that yes, it is indeed.

The Doghead T-Shirt is also nice to relax in after a hard day at work or rainy afternoon. Know that wherever you are, we at Doghead Simulations, are wearing our shirts too. In that way, we are all connected as part of a dog pack (howling at the moon together is probably one step too far).

Our Customers