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VR Makes the World a Better Place - So We're Giving It Away for Free

Who gives their product away for free? The whole point of building something is to make money, right?

That’s not the point for us at Doghead Simulations. For us, the point of our product is to make the world a better place. We’re doing that through a technology called virtual reality. We discovered that the real power of VR is its ability to bring the real-life human to human experience to a digital medium.

For the first time in history, humans can connect and interact from across the world as if they were in the same room (or coffee shop or on top of the Eiffel Tower).

How does this help make the world a better place? It starts with work. In order for people to enjoy the things that truly fulfill them, they have to finish work first. Using our product, rumii, at work or for class, makes the work/life balance real. Instead of spending the week flying across the country and staying at a hotel, business people can now meet with each other from the comfort of their own home or office. They have the same experience as they would in real life, but through their virtual avatars.

Meeting in VR saves time and travel costs so teams can focus on what's important.

Meeting in VR saves time and travel costs so teams can focus on what's important.

Last Tuesday we announced on Twitter that we were holding a meetup in rumii with our CEO, Mat Chacon. The Eventbrite sold out in 3 minutes.

We’re giving our VR software, rumii, away for free because we want teams to see first hand how we’re transforming the business meeting. We’re bringing online meetings into the 21st century with virtual reality so that team members can spend time where it counts; with family, friends, or hobbies.

We believe in VR transforming the conference call experience. We want you to see for yourself how to have meaningful interactions with co-workers and clients from wherever you are in the world.

Sign up for our Early Access Program to try rumii for free.

Keep a lookout on our events page for monthly meetups in rumii with the Doghead Team.

Collaboration Tools are Killing the Office

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Photo Credit

We all gathered around in the office for our weekly product review meeting. In this meeting we review software updates, enhancements we wanted to make, and share any other ideas or news to the team.

We started at the kanban board where a few User Stories were posted. "I think we should make the font stand out more", our environment artist said, clearly pointing to the header text that read To Do, Doing, Done. "Agreed, we should also make the board itself look more realistic", said another. Everyone gathered around the objects mentioned. It was clearly understood by the team what needed to be done. We were all seeing the same bugs and goofiness that goes along with software in real time but in virtual reality.

"Wow. I just realized I spent the whole 40 minutes without looking at my phone!" said our CEO, Mat.  In a world where we look at our phones up to every 6 seconds, this was amazing. It has been proven again and again that we can't multi-task. To be truly productive at something we have to focus 100% effort on it. Here we just spent 40 minutes in a meeting together fully engaged and participating. That is the power of virtual reality. It's fun, like a game in the sense that we can move our avatars around and interact with objects without gravity getting in the way. Here in lies the key to productivity, letting the people be people.

There are plenty of articles, techniques, and tools out there to make sure we focus on our work instead of drifting off to Facebook. Some say to focus on a task for 20 minutes before taking a break. We can download software that blocks our internet for a set of time so that we aren't tempted to drift from our work. A quick Google search for “collaboration tools” came up with the following lists:

  • The 20 best tools for online collaboration
  • 7 Free & Easy-to-Use Online Collaboration Tools
  • 5 Types Of Office Collaboration Tools: Which Is Right For Your Team?
  • 20 contemporary enterprise collaboration tools
  • (as we speak Dropbox just emailed me 6 productivity hacks for you to try now”!)

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

What are we supposed to do with 7, 5, and 20+ collaboration tools? At which point do these tools start to create chaos instead of communication? We believe that your team only needs one form of collaboration: your team themselves. They only need the space to do it in. That's why we created our virtual reality office work space, rumii, and found that was all we needed to stay engaged and productive as a team.

Is your team interested in cutting the clutter and getting straight to the point? Email us at to get started today.