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5 Spooktacular Secrets Revealed at Seattle VR

SeattleVR Halloween

Halloween is a time to dress up in costume and pretend to be somebody or something else other than ourselves. It’s a day when we can transform our world into a different reality with makeup, costumes, and extra fun food like “Mummy Meatloaf”. This isn’t so different from virtual reality, where we are able to set aside the problems we face in day to day life to have fun and do things a little differently. This past week two of our team members, Mat and Tony, went to Seattle VR’s Halloween Meetup. Read below to what they learned and saw at this spooktacular event!

What drew you to the Seattle VR meetup (besides the Halloween party)?

Mat: It’s a great place to meet like-minded people who are as passionate about VR as we are. It was also a great way to live our VR Avatars in real life!

Tony: I really wanted to see what our peers in the area were up to. VR is such a small community at this point but it's growing like crazy, I feel like we really need to support each other to continue to grow. It's awesome to get feedback from everyone else in the business and the amount of virtual reality knowledge that's crammed into one room is a pretty great thing (and free beer).

Who was someone interesting you met?

Mat: Hands down those people would be Eva Hearse @downtohoerth and Amber Osborne @MissDestructo. Two very wonderful ladies influencing the VR industry.

Tony: Oh yeah, definitely Eva and Kayla Didier @kayladidier they both put on the @seattlevr meetups and they're doing a fantastic job. Also, Woody Floyd over at Vectorform. That guy is great. We met up with him at Altstadt afterwards and had a great time.

What were the types of devices used to demo VR?

Mat: The HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

What was the best costume you saw?

Mat: There was a dude walking around with a piece of paper pinned to his shirt that read “404 Error - Costume not found.” Genius!

Tony: I liked Woody’s costume. At first I thought it was terrible, until I found out his name is actually Woody! He dressed up and his name is Woody. Best example I've seen of being yourself for Halloween.

Will you be at the next Seattle VR meetup? 

Mat: Absolutely! We love these meetups and always meet the most wonderful people.

Tony: I am 100% going. You get to demo all kinds of cool things people are putting out, you can geek out with a bunch of people all about VR, and you get to meet a ton of people that you can become friends with and have the potential to collaborate with.


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