Doghead Simulations Exhibiting Virtual Reality Collaboration Software at CES 2018 with HTC VIVE


(Seattle, WA) – Doghead Simulations is pleased to announce its exhibition within the HTC Vive space at the 2018 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, January 8th - 12th. Doghead Simulations will feature their virtual reality meeting and collaboration software– rumii  within the expo, located at the Wynn’s Alsace Ballroom.  

rumii is a multi-platform virtual reality solution developed by recognized industry leaders that fundamentally improves the way people educate and communicate within VR. At the show, rumii will be shown in HTC Vive’s Mixed Reality Bay, showcasing software for the HTC Vive and the new HTC Vive Pro headset that was announced at CES earlier today. 

Media members interested in scheduling an appointment to learn about and demo rumii are invited to email Amber Osborne (

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rumii demo video:


Behind the Scenes of the Launch launch.png

Orlando, Florida is a place of magic and mystery. It was certainly a magical week for Doghead Simulations.

The Doghead Simulations team gathered in Florida for a momentous week. We have been a company for approximately 78 weeks and were now preparing to open our very own office. For the past year and a half, we have worked remotely, from home or co-working spaces, across the globe. From Seattle to Orlando, to Sao Paolo, Brazil, and even New Zealand, we met and worked inside virtual reality.

Team members look at a model V8 Engine in rumii.

Team members look at a model V8 Engine in rumii.

For many of the Doghead team, it was their first time meeting each other outside of virtual reality. That didn’t seem to stop the instantaneous “click” the team members felt. We’ve seen each other’s avatars countless times. Voices, hand gestures, and head movements are natural in rumii. When we saw our human selves it was as if we were old comrades building the future of communication.

November 16, 2017, we formally announced our partnership with Full Sail University during our ribbon cutting. We revealed an office space on Full Sail’s campus. The Doghead Simulation’s logo shown brightly against the dark glass of the office windows. Blue and black striped sidewalk guides guests to our door. Once inside, visitors are welcomed by the rumii logo. A chalkboard wall displays Doghead Simulations expertly drawn by Full Sail artists (Scott H. and Traci B.)

No virtual reality office is complete without gear. Tables are pushed to the edges of the room leaving an open space in the middle for people to work and move in virtual reality. Two HTC Vive lighthouses sit in the corners. An Acer MR headset and controllers sit on a desk below a smart TV that displays what those in VR are experiencing.

The day of the ribbon cutting was filled with excitement. The weather in Florida was perfect. The sky was clear and the sun shone. Garry Jones, president, and co-founder of Full Sail University introduced the crowd to the unveiling of the rumii office on the Full Sail University Campus. He then introduced the four co-founders: Mat Chacon, Lily Snyder, Elbert Perez, and Chance Glasco.

Each co-founder expressed their thanks to Full Sail for the meaningful partnership with Doghead Simulations, and what the new office along with the launch of meant for both organizations.

Mat Chacon, CEO of Doghead Simulations, praised the Doghead Simulations team and thanked Full Sail saying, “All of us here at Doghead Simulations are really excited to be part of the Full Sail Family. The opening of the U.S. Eastern Headquarters in Orlando, Florida will not only allow us to grow across the U.S., but will be a launching pad for the rest of the world.”

The four co-founders along with Garry Jones, Isis Jones, CIO at Full Sail University, and the mayor of Winter Park, FL, Steve Leary, cut the ribbon to the cheer from the crowd.

For the Doghead Team, the most exciting part was giving Full Sail students and staff a chance to try rumii (available at first hand. Students lined down the sidewalk to enter the virtual world of collaboration. Doghead team members Will Fitzgerald and Justin Gallo virtually walked students and staff through the features in rumii. Amanda Sweaton ran the demos from the office. The biggest impact rumii had on ribbon cutting guests was how real it felt to talk to and interact with others inside rumii’s virtual world. Some said they were skeptics of VR until they saw rumii avatars turn their heads, blink, and talk with opening and closing of the avatar’s mouth. Hand gestures and movements are so natural, people forget they are in virtual reality.

We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication our team has shown to each other and the company in the past year and a half. We strongly believe that we are changing the world for the better by improving the way people collaborate.

The Doghead Simulations team. Back row, left to right: Tony Dodge, Amber Osborne, Rusty Sempsrott, Will Fitzgerald, Chance Glasco, James Wagar. Front row, left to right: Justin Gallo, Amanda Sanchez, Mat Chacon, Lily Snyder, Elbert Perez, Amanda Sweaton. Not shown: Brian Traficante and Diego Maia.

The Doghead Simulations team. Back row, left to right: Tony Dodge, Amber Osborne, Rusty Sempsrott, Will Fitzgerald, Chance Glasco, James Wagar. Front row, left to right: Justin Gallo, Amanda Sanchez, Mat Chacon, Lily Snyder, Elbert Perez, Amanda Sweaton. Not shown: Brian Traficante and Diego Maia.

Full Sail University’s partnership with our company shows the value of virtual reality technology and our software for education and the enterprise. Thank you Full Sail for your unwavering support in our team and our mission!

Announcing our partnership with Full Sail, opening our U.S. Eastern Headquarters, and launching are huge steps for our startup. We have come a long way from pitching our prototype of rumii in Beijing, China over a year ago.

However, we are only just getting started. This ribbon cutting has only motivated us to push harder. We can’t wait to show you what we come up with next.

Get rumii today at!

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5 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Is Getting More Popular

This past weekend we set up rumii at GE2, which brings the best in robotics, Esports, gaming, drone racing, virtual reality, augmented reality, maker-competitions and more. You may ask why we decided to demo at a gaming conference. rumii is a VR product for business and education professionals. It’s a tool to have productive meetings and interactive learning environments. Margo Shiroyama and Audrey Fan of Washington Interactive told us about GE2 and encouraged us to attend. We were quick to sign up because VR is in high demand whether for games or work (we think work can be fun too).

We saw a great turnout at GE2. We saw long lines of people from all age groups waiting to experience the different VR demos (including rumii). The turnout of young folks at our booth was overwhelming. We had groups of high school freshman who were really excited about learning in VR. Their parents asked us if we had any real-life examples of educational institutions using rumii (we do, more on that later).

GE2 line.jpg

Key Takeaways from the next generation:

  • They expect VR to be in their future. They see what we’re building today as what they will be using to work, communicate, and build when they enter the workforce. It’s not a question of “if” or “when” to them.
  • They expect VR to be a normal part of their lives. They are 100% bought-in and could not be more excited.
  • Young people today want to do something with VR. We are constantly asked by them how to get started making VR experiences. Virtual Reality of today is what it was like to experiment building websites with HTML and CSS in 2004.
  • Kids in high school are looking for a new avenue to be creative and take over. 15 years ago it was YouTube. People uploaded videos for fun but over time people discovered they could make a career out of it. Highschooler’s today will be our future “Youtubers” of VR tomorrow.
  • Kids want to do more than go to school, sit in a classroom, and read about what to learn. They want to attend school in VR (think Ready Player One). They want to be a settler in the American Colonies or ride the Apollo 11 to the moon. They want to explore a chemical reaction on a molecular level and experience what it’s like to live as a kid in a different part of the world. All these things can be accomplished with virtual reality.

To the people who say VR is dead or not worth investing in, we encourage you to look at what your kids or young people around you are interested in and excited about. We bet virtual reality is high on their minds. When a young person tries VR, they immediately take the controls and go forth. They aren’t afraid of stepping or moving around the virtual environment. In fact, they want more of it.

What we’re developing today is for the business and educational professionals. We see a strong need for virtual reality collaboration. But we’re also developing for the next generation. We’re giving them something to explore, something to create with and make their own.

The Top 5 Things to Do and See at Seattle Startup Week

Seattle Startup Week is just around the corner. It is an event that happens every year in Seattle to showcase startups, new business trends, and more. Best of all, it is FREE to the public! All you have to do is register here. After you register, sign up for the events you wish to attend at

We’ve highlighted the Top 5 Events at Seattle Startup Week that you shouldn’t miss.

Distinctive and Memorable: Communicating Your Vision Through VR/AR

What it is:

Hear from leaders in the field about how to leave a lasting impression on clients through VR/AR. We will have some great VR/AR branding examples, as well as tools that can enable your businesses to deliver high-quality experiences and ways VR/AR has been used to make clients feel larger than life.

Why you should go:

This is the panel to go to if you’re getting starting in using VR or AR at your business. Founders, C-Levels, and directors from Z-Axon, Fair Worlds, Pixvana, and our own COO Lily Snyder will talk about the different ways VR and AR communicates a brand’s or company’s vision in a new way. They’ll be covering topics from VR Branding, Analytics, Immersion and the challenges that come with each.

Time and Place:

Tuesday October 3, 2017 5:30pm - 7:00pm

CoMotion HQ 4545 Roosevelt Way NE #300 Seattle, WA 98105


Scaling Your Healthy Startup Culture

What it is:

Culture is key to every successful startup. Learn when to start defining your culture, and how to maintain it as the company grows. Scaling culture is a big challenge and one that not every startup can master. See how to be sure you're adding people with the right values who are passionate about your company’s mission.

Why you should go:

Seasoned startup CEOs who have built companies with amazing cultures that attract and retain top talent share their thoughts and lessons learned about what makes a healthy culture. They will talk about how to think about culture during rapid growth.

Time and Place:

Tuesday October 3, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm

#ChaseBasecamp (aka Galvanize: The Square) 111 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104


Building Inclusive Technology


What it is:

As more artificial intelligence systems integrate into lives of diverse users, it is critical to examine who we build for. Learn best practices from leading AI, VR, and AR technologists on building inclusive products to expand user base, improve customer experience, and avoid embarrassing mishaps when users cannot use products as intended due to biased system training.

Why you should go:

Learn from those who have been there, made that mistake. See what it takes to test and build immersive technology that most benefit’s it’s target market. Learn how to think like the customer using your VR, AR, or AI solution for the first time. What the VR/AR/AI industry can do as a whole to incorporate people as creators, who have not yet thought of immersive tech as an option.

Time and Place:

Wednesday October 4, 2017 12:30pm - 2:00pm

#ChaseBasecamp (aka Galvanize: The Underground) 111 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104


Exploring Seattle’s XR Market: Enterprise and Storytelling

Coworkers meet in rumii, a collboration software that runs on PC and VR.

Coworkers meet in rumii, a collboration software that runs on PC and VR.

What it is:

Make your way to Pluto VR in Ballard (we have free parking!) to try Enterprise and Storytelling VR/AR/XR Demos from local PNW developers, companies and organizations. We will have 12+ booths open for you to try 360 video experiences, collaboration experiences and even haptic hardware that will make you feel like a spider is crawling on your hand.

Why you should go:

Check out the latest in enterprise and storytelling VR, AR, and XR experiences. Plus, try rumii first hand. We will be exhibiting our latest Early Access 4 build for the first time. Don’t miss it!

Time and Place:

Wednesday October 4, 2017 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Pluto VR 5245 Shilshole Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107


The Blended Workforce and How to Embrace It

What it is:

Around 40% of today's workforce is made up of non-traditional working people, or a "blended workforce". The blended workforce is made up of people who work full-time and part-time, as well as temporary workers, freelancers, and contract workers.

Why you should go:

See how Seattle companies are embracing the blended workforce trend. Learn how to navigate the challenges as well as how the trend has this helped culture and productivity from a panel who are either working as a non-traditional employee or have teams made up of them, including our very own CEO, Mat Chacon.

Time and Place:

Thursday October 5, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm

#ChaseBasecamp (aka Galvanize: Dove Tail) 111 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104