Have Your Next VR Meeting Or Class in the Brand New Rumii 2.0 Today!

The newest version of rumii, our virtual reality education and collaboration software, launches today. Rumii 2.0  provides a smoother customer experience and makes exciting new features available to you, like HD video streaming, personal invite codes, natural interaction with 3D objects and more! Also, the best part, Rumii is now FREE up to five users!

Download rumii 2.0 NOW!: http://dogheadsimulations.com

New Features For rumii 2.0

"With the new rumii 2.0 screenshare feature, I can teach more topics using legacy applications in my game design class due to the quality and clarity of the stream." 
- Justin Gallo, Educator

  • Room Codes - You can now invite users to a private room via a unique code, want to do an event in rumii? Easily send attendees a code pre-event.

  • HD Live Streaming Web Video- You can now use rumii with a webcam to do live streaming into VR.

  • Object Grabber- 3D models can now easily be grabbed and manipulated via VR.

  • HD Screen Share with Video- Use screen share to screen share your desktop and even HD streaming video.

  • In Room Chat- You can now chat (even in VR!) with your rumii rooms. Shows user notifications (User has joined/left the room, user has been muted)

  • Public Rooms- Public rooms are now available, great for social gatherings. Note: Some features like YouTube and Screensharing are limited in public rooms.

  • Personal Rooms- You can now have your own personal rooms for private interactions.

  • Geographic Servers- Some rooms now are linked to servers in different parts of the world for better connectivity.

New Rooms And Environments

Quick FAQ for 2.0 launch:

What if I was a previous rumii user?
You will have to download rumii 2.0 and sign up with a new account (can use previous email address used) Previous teams, avatars, and names from other versions will have been deleted. rumii 2.0 is not team based and you will need to create new rooms.

Will 2.0 work with previous versions?
You and any users in your meeting will have to be on 2.0 to communicate with each other. Older versions will not be supported with 2.0

I have multiple rumii licenses, how can I upgrade them to 2.0?

Previous rumii customers, if you are having trouble accessing licenses or have other questions send us a support ticket at https://dogheadsimulations.freshdesk.com/support/

Download rumii 2.0 NOW!: http://dogheadsimulations.com