rumii 1.1 Update: Steam Store, Multiple Object Loader Limit, New Rooms


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We have just launched rumii on the Steam Store! We are striving to make rumii more accessible to everyone through VR friendly marketplaces like Steam. 


What does this mean if you already have rumii installed? If you already have rumii installed you can download Steam and then download the newest rumii build. A great benefit of downloading rumii through Steam is that when we make updates to rumii you get automatic updates. No more having to go download new builds!

Install Steam:

rumii on Steam:

Our newest rumii build on Steam includes the newest features and bug fixes. 

  • Multiple Object Loader - Upload up to 40 objects in one room

  • New Room Type- You can now have your meetings in a town square setting. Select "Town" from the create a room feature.

New "Town" room in rumii

New "Town" room in rumii

Reviews on Steam are welcomed! Tell us what you like and what could be improved! We are always open for new feature suggestions. 

Have questions? Comment here or Join our “Friends Of rumii” group on Facebook!