rumii 1.0 Update

Our New "Design Platform" Room

Our New "Design Platform" Room

We’ve updated our rumii software to include the features you have been wanting the most and have upgraded many older features for better performance! Check out your new meeting space or classroom in virtual reality (or desktop) right now.

Features include:

  • Windows Screen Sharing

    Share your desktop from within Windows either in VR or Desktop mode. We’ve updated the screen sharing code to take advantage of hardware acceleration for better local performance.

  • Expanded Google Poly functionality

    You can now load up to 30 poly models and arrange them however you like in the scene. Then you can save your arrangements and have them loaded later.

  • Block Prototyping Widget

    Use these blocks to create prototype rooms, locations, objects, and anything you can imagine.

  • New Room: “Design Platform”

    With the power to create interesting scenes using the Google Poly and blocks widgets comes a need for a bigger, better work space. Introducing the Design Platform which is a big open space where you can open multiple Google Poly and Blocks!

  • Updated Menu Design

    A new cleaner look and feel for the menus that emphasizes the main actions users take in rumii and neatly organizes more powerful options into sub menus.

  • Expanded Team Management features

    Bulk add emails through the client. Invite your whole team or class with ease!

  • Widget Tabs

    Have up to four widgets stacked on top of each other that you can tab between.

  • Emojis

    Emojis allow participants to express their emotions if being on a microphone is not the best option. Great for presenters to gauge audience or student reactions!


Download or update your build of rumii:

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