5 Terrific Reasons to Use VR Conference Tools

Professionals from Agile coaches to educators to project managers use rumii to communicate with their teams around the world. Professionals use rumii to work and collaborate through our Early Access Program (EAP). Our EAP is a chance to use rumii for free and give your feedback to the features and capabilities needed in an immersive communication tool.

umii features all the capabilities of traditional teleconference tools including screen and file sharing, quality audio, and private meeting spaces to name a few. Since rumii is an immersive experience, people can load 3D models into their environment. They can walk around and manipulate them instead of looking through a computer screen.

Don’t take our word for the awesomeness of rumii. See below why people have chosen rumii over phone calls, video calls, and web meetings.

#1 rumii is built for professionals

“We have clients all over the world and routinely have to fly contacts out to meet with them. Most products we've looked at so far are very much focused on entertainment/games, we're looking for a more polished and professional solution.”


We developed rumii with you, the professional in mind. You won’t be distracted by stranger’s avatars running through your meetings, popping balloons, or virtual avatars. Focus on what’s most important to get the most out of every meeting, workshop and training in our clean-cut, professional environments.

#2 Remote Agile Teams

“We are an agile team and all work remotely, so we see a great use for this tool for our scrum ceremonies.”

Agile Scrum meetings work best when the whole team is gathered in the room. Unfortunately, due to the global workforce, this is becoming less and less possible. In rumii, teams feel like they are in the same room with each other, making Daily Standups possible again.

#3 Key Integrations

“Always wanted to have all the millions of JIRA and webex meetings more interactive as we typically design flat and over screen shares. So many times it feels like I'm talking to myself as the meeting host.”

Doghead Simulations Auditorium.png

One of the biggest complaints with traditional conference calls is that it can feel like you’re talking to yourself. With rumii, no longer. Avatars represent what people are actually looking at and where they are in a room.

We integrated with Atlassian’s JIRA, the number one software development tool used by Agile teams, into rumii. Collaborate on User Story Cards during the Daily Standup, Sprint Planning, or quality triage meetings for the best results.

#4 Reduce time-consuming business travel

“I'm based in California and I collaborate with partners in Detroit, Germany, and Spain. Business travel is expensive, time-consuming and incompatible with our environmental mission.”

Companies spend $1 Trillion on business travel annually. It costs more than just dollars. Business travel costs work/life balance and the environment. Our customers meet with their teams and clients in rumii because it provides the “in the room” feel while being virtually represented.

#5 Online Training that works

“Remote medical sales training.”

No more sitting through boring webinars. Host interactive training sessions in our professionally built rooms. Bring whole teams together to train them on the latest business practices, models, and presentations.

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