What we learned demoing at GTC17

I demoed rumii with my team at the GTC17 (GPU Technology Conference). We showed conference attendees our virtual collaboration software, rumii. We also competed in the NVIDIA VR Content Showcase.

Except that I wasn’t actually at GTC17 and most of my team wasn’t either.

I demoed rumii from within virtual reality (VR). My team mates from Illinois, Florida, and Brazil did the same. We greeted people in the rumii lobby and walked them to a conference room to show them our VR software's features. Some of us were in 2D desktop mode and some of us were in virtual reality via the HTC Vive.

It was great meeting so many different people from GTC inside of rumii and be able to show off our space that way. Instead of showing off software in the classical two dimensional way, we toured people through a three-dimensional space with rooms, doors, and interactive whiteboards on the wall.

A few of our team members were physically at GTC in Silicon Valley at booth 935. They were managing the line and setting up attendees with the VR headset so that they could join us in rumii. We had all sorts of people join from system architects to people from the department of defense, to investors.

One person who joined rumii thought that our avatars were artificial intelligence and wouldn’t talk to us! The team members at the booth brought him back in later and explained that we were real people. He was a nice guy and we had a blast showing him rumii.

The team meets in a NVIDIA branded meeting room.

The team meets in a NVIDIA branded meeting room.

While technically we were only in rumii, we could hear the buzz from GTC through the HTC Vive’s microphone on the other side. The sound of excited voices came through, pumping up those of us in virtual reality. We could hear people say how “cool” the experience was after their demo was up.

While demoing, we received the following questions about virtual reality.

Do your eyes get sore?

We have not experienced eye soreness from the VR headsets (HMD) specifically. Looking through a HMD is similar to looking at a computer screen. If you stare at a computer screen too long, you may feel some side effects.

What is the longest you’ve been in VR?

For most of us, the longest we’ve been in rumii is about an hour. We hold meetings anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. We don’t want to go over that for productivity’s sake. However, we were in VR for almost two hours demoing rumii without any issue.

What do you plan on developing next?

We have an extensive roadmap to bring the best of physical offices and virtual reality together in a virtual space. Some examples of those features are AI, deep analytics, and compatibility with mixed reality HMDs.

The GPU Technology Conference is going on from May 9-11, 2017 in Silicon Valley. Make sure to stop by booth 935 in the Startup Pavilion to experience rumii first hand. Look for the Doghead Simulation T-Shirts.

Who’s where?

At GTC Booth 935:

Mat Chacon, CEO

Elbert Perez, CTO

Chance Glasco, CCO

In rumii virtual reality:

Lily Snyder

Rusty Sempsrott

Amanda Sweaton

Amanda Sanchez

Will Fitzgerald

Can't make it to GTC17?

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