Announcement: OrlandoiX is Around the Corner

Hello Everyone,

Get ready because we'll be at OrlandoiX 2016! OrlandoiX is the South's largest celebration of creators in video games, virtual reality, and immersive experiences. It is open to professionals and consumers. OrlandoiX 2016 features over 100 interactive experiences, industry leading keynotes, speaker presentations, gaming tournaments, game developer conference, and networking opportunities.

Stop by our booth to experience your office of the future. We will show you how VR will change where you work, how it can reduce travelling which companies spend $1 Trillion dollars on annually. Our VR solution will solve the pain points of frustrating conference calls and unengaging tele-meetings.

Check out our team's speakers: Chance Glasco, co-founder of the Call of Duty Franchise, and Elbert Perez, former prototyper of the HTC Vive! Plus meet Full Sail Hall of Famer Jameson Durall at our booth. Make sure to check out the speaker schedule HERE. We look forward to seeing you there.


What: OrlandoiX 2016

When: October 14-16, 2016

Where: Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL