Seattle Startup Week


We are excited to announce that we have been invited to Pitch at IBM SmartCamp at the Galnvanize workspace in downtown Seattle and will also be demonstrating our VR Collaboration software, rumii, at PlutoVR as part of Seattle Startup Week November 17, 2016! Pitching our company never gets old; we always welcome the chance to share our vision for the future of work and how it allows for real collaboration between team members through the power of virtual reality.

Talking about our company, Doghead Simulations, has become second nature to us since we’ve been giving the pitch practically non-stop since VRVCA Beijing. It never gets boring or old to explain that companies spend $1 trillion annually on travelling their teams around the world. The looks on the investors faces are always priceless when hearing that.

We know that our virtual reality software is solving real world problems that haven’t been faced by the workforce before. Factors like globalization, outsourcing, and progressive culture shifts such as “Future of Work” are generating distributed team members all over the world and creating interactions between people who go whole projects without ever meeting each other in person. In fact, 45% of IT teams work remotely around the globe, not including other industries.

While it is awesome that we have the technology to communicate and work with people across the country and across continents, it simply isn’t keeping up with the demand that humans have for instant, interactive, and vibrant collaboration. That is why virtual reality is catching on so quickly and why we have harnessed its capabilities for true distributed team collaboration.

Virtual reality is the tool, but how it is used for business is they key. Our company is made up of team members who not only face the challenges of working remotely, but they are industry leaders who understand how virtual reality works and the hardware that displays those environments work. We have suffered with our customers using Agile and Scrum remotely, a methodology and framework that was developed to be used in a co-located environment. However, remote teams still use this methodology because it has been proven to be the most effective in iterative, timely development of products, software, and process - so much so that 89% of businesses use Agile project management methodology to build products or improve customer satisfaction.

We invite the challenge. We crave the opportunity. We hope to see you at one of the events this week!

Demoing rumii at VRVCA, Beijing.

Demoing rumii at VRVCA, Beijing.