Top 3 Sessions we're looking forward to at IMMERSE

IMMERSE is less than a week away are we getting ready to be part of the CITY OF BELLEVUE START UP ARENA in the expo hall. Not only are we excited to show our virtual reality product for distributed team collaboration but we are also looking forward to meeting the other exhibitors and attending the speaker sessions. Read on to see three sessions we plan on attending.


Sizing the Opportunity for the Immersive Technology Industry

The AR/VR market is quickly taking off with hardware, software, entertainment, and enterprise solutions. Immersive Technology is exciting and we are going to IMMERSE because we believe this tech is what the future will run on. We're early in the hype cycle and market adoption so it will be interesting to hear how Madrona Venture Group views the overall market and where they see the greatest opportunities for AR and VR next.



This one could be interesting because pitching a product, solution, or idea in business is much like telling a story. When we're faced with solving a problem for a customer, for example, we have to state the problem and work our way through the issues and what led us to the solution, and how the solution will give the customer their "happily ever after" ending.


Immersive technology in schools, what have we learned?

Part of our software suite is education. We know that using VR for online classes will transform the experience to a more engaging, personal one. Major universities are already looking at how to apply VR to their online classes as well as in-class experience for learning, thought provocation and more. It will be interesting to hear the thoughts of a student,  a college professor and non-traditional education advocate in this panel discussion.


Which panel discussions are you most looking forward to? What do you think of our list? Let us know!