rumii is a social-virtual reality platform that enables people to educate and collaborate in a 3D virtual environment from anywhere on earth


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Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for the extremely powerful demo of Rumii! This was the first time that I feel I actually “socialized” in VR. Other social VR platforms that I’ve used did not achieve the same level of interactivity as what I just witnessed in Rumii, and I was really impressed by the capabilities and clear potential of Rumii."

- Dr. Jonathan Armstrong, Moody Bible Institute.

“Having you from the other part of the globe interacting with our visitors and no delay but with immediate responses without any side effects like blurring is the clear proof of concept and the working technology.”

-Attila Racz - Ericsson

“I see Rumii as a great hybrid platform for bringing immersive experience to students around the world and I could see the solution growing in the higher education and online learning spaces.”

- Alex Chaucer, Educator

“These guys' rumii VR Suite is the answer to the standard web-conference application, where a lot of time and energy is lost on coffee runs, multi-tasking and checking the latest on the mobile. If you've had your share of the above, keep an eye on what these guys are bringing to the table.”

- Marco Antonio, Student

"Merging Realities in rumii was the beginning of something truly transformative. Presenting a keynote to hundreds of people around the world with all types of media – slides, audio, video and 3D models in VR – without having to take one flight is a game changer! On top of that, having laser hands is just plain fun!"

- Alan Smithson, CEO, MetaVRse

“Realizing just how natural the interaction with others within the space was.  How to load, manipulate and demo 3d models was a close second! The best gets better!”

- Robert Terry, Stantec

“Today we will gather in rumii by Doghead Simulations. They always support us at Kids Conference and I trust them… We think rumii can keep up one’s willing. We hold a real conference once a week and complement learning of each student between conferences by rumii.  Students would like to show us to learn and study every day.”

- Hideki Ozeki - Kids Conference, Japan

“I had a chance to walk through this virtual reality world with Doghead Simulations and it's beyond words. Collaboration is about to change.”

- Matt Garrepy, Educator

"We are very excited about the next level of engagement that rumii will bring to our education. Beyond facilitating collaboration, VR education allows for concentrated monotasking learning, which we believe will enhance the retention of information." Jones further added, "In today's world where technology and screen time can be distracting, VR allows you to be in the moment and engaged with the subject at hand."

- Isis Jones, CIO and Executive Director, Full Sail University