+ Where is Doghead Simulations located?

In order to assure our customers have the best remote working experience with rumii, our entire team works remotely. We’re currently in 2 countries and 6 cities. Seattle, Orlando, Chicago, Nashville, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo.

+ Are you hiring?

We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Please send resumes and demo reels to contact@dogheadsimulations.com

+ Who is that dog on your logo and how can I get a shirt?

That’s Anderson Pooper, the Doghead Simulations mascot. You can order a shirt here.

rumii General

+ When will rumii be released?

rumii is now available on [rumii.net]

+ Can I use X application in rumii?

Using our screen share feature (available only on PC), you can bring up any application on our interactive wall. Powerpoint and Microsoft Office are a couple of examples.

+ Why choose rumii?

The latest advancements in VR technology has allowed Doghead Simulations to create the most immersive, focused, and effective vr collaboration tool on the market. It’s the closest experience to real-life meetings that you’ll find outside of actual real-life encounters. With our interactive walls and suite of tools, your meetings can actually be more effective than traditional in-person meetings.

+ Do I need virtual reality hardware to use rumii?

While we highly recommend you use an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, rumii is also supported on regular PC and Mac desktop. We will be supporting Android, iOS, and Mobile VR soon

+ How much will rumii cost?

We have pricing for rumii located at rumii.net pricing


+ Where are these servers hosted?

It is a mix of service providers from AWS, Knetik, and Photon.

+ What level of security and privacy is provided?

We are currently working on our security and privacy policies.

+ Are communications to and from the server encrypted? Does this include voice/video feeds?

Transform (position of the avatars within the virtual space)is not encrypted at the moment for performance reasons. Voice and Video will be encrypted in the near future.

+ Where is data stored or cached?

We do not store or cache data during the early access program. In the future when we do store data, it will be secured according to industry standards.

+ Is there a retention policy?

See "Where is data stored or cached?".

+ Is data stored encrypted on disk?

What level encryption do you have? See "Where is data stored or cached?".